Tuesday, 5 February 2013


This blog was originally conceived as an outlet for all sorts of stuff that might interest the two of you who bother to read it, but - as you can perhaps see by the sparsity of recent posts - it has fallen victim to my ruthless need for order, the terrifying pride I take in maintaining boundaries between one type of thing and another. My book reviews, continuing where I left off in threads posted on forums which I now recognise as being rife with tossers, I keep to Pamphlets of Destiny; other, more autobiographical writings and witless landfill - pieces which may be read and hopefully appreciated by those who might not necessarily give two shits about science-fiction or the fact that I write it - I transmit unto the universe through the agency of An Englishman in Texas.

The problem (as I saw it) has been that other material hasn't seemed consistent with either of the above, and some posts found here would, with hindsight, make more sense elsewhere; and for a while I've needed a place to consolidate all my shameless promotional crap, general plugging of things I've written, literary DVD extras and the like.

So for what it may be worth, Ce Acatl - named after the year in which Quetzalcoatl was born, roughly speaking - will henceforth contain anything of potential interest relating directly to my own writing, principally because I'm reluctant to clog up either Pamphlets or Englishman with buy my book shite. So ignore the older posts, or read them if you feel so inclined - they probably shouldn't be here but never mind.

Getting to the point, or one of them, Against Nature, my first (to be published) novel is now available for pre-order from Obverse Books, and I will be posting some peripheral related material over the next few days.

Back soon.

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