Monday, 17 June 2013

History of factor X (1983​/​1994) as remembered

Probably bit of an esoteric one this, but I have - much to my surprise - turned up on History of factor X (1983​/​1994) as remembered, a downloadable album thingy for which you name your price - so it's free if you want, or more if you feel inclined to donate some money that Shaun may have food on his table and shoes on his feet. I'm playing guitar on the track in question, which dates from 1994 back when we were sending each other tapes of stuff. The music of factor X has always been adventurous, tending towards experiments, humour, noise, and the like, but with a common touch, I suppose you might call it - that is to say, even when it sounds like cement mixers falling down a hill, it's composed for the sheer joy of sound, rather than so as to frown at you whilst wearing a black leather coat.

Download History of factor X from bandcamp

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